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How often do I need to wash my car?

According to the International Carwash Association, how often you wash your vehicle depends on where you live and how you use your car. If you live in an area with lots of snow in the winter, you are going to get lots of sand and salt build up on your car, you would want to wash your car once a week to protect the paint.

In the springtime, there is lots of mud, rain, pollen and contaminants like bird droppings and tree sap that can damage your paint. It would be advised to wash your car once a week in these conditions.

At other times of the year, you can get away with waiting longer to wash your vehicle.

Can you remove scratches from my car?

Here at Best Car Detailing every one of our detailers have been trained to use a five step process of removing scratches from the paint surface.

Depending on the depth and severity of the scratch, Best Car Detailing can minimize the appearance of a scratch and in many cases completely remove the scratch from the surface where it doesn’t show anymore.

What is Polymer Sealant and how long does it last?

Polymer sealant is very similar to wax in its application and purpose. However, there are some differences in its make up. Where wax is designed to be applied to the vehicle and sit on top of the paint, polymer sealant is designed to adhere to the paint and there for last longer.

It is a longer process and more expensive product so there are price differences but often worth the extra cost to keep your car protected in this climate. Polymer sealant is said to last as long as six months after each application.

Why would I want to put a clear mask on my car?

A clear mask has one main purpose, to protect your vehicle from rocks, sand and bugs. There is some UV protection included however, if you would like to protect the front of your car from damage then the clear mask is your answer.

There are different sizes ranging from twelve inches to more than forty eight inches.

There are other forms of protection clear mask provides also; you can put the clear mask material inside the door cups to protect from scratches from fingernails and rings, you can put it on the kick panel under the doors to protect from rocks kicked up by the tires.

You can also put it on the backs of the mirrors and A-pillars, and the top of the rear bumper to protect from items coming out of the trunk and scraping the bumper.

It’s versatile, flexible and can stick to almost anything.

Can a clear mask or window tint be removed?

Yes, clear mask and window tint can be removed from any vehicle at any time. It is a time consuming process that requires some skill to remove so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your vehicle.

So give us a call at 303-883-2581 before you try to pull it off yourself.

How do you get rid of smoke smell and odors in cars?

We do have a system for removing smoke and odors from your vehicles that works very well. The first step is to shampoo and scrub every surface in the vehicle.  Next we will apply scentless or scented deodorizers into the porous surfaces like the headliner, upholstered seats and carpets.

We then run what is called an Ozone machine over night on the inside of the vehicle. An Ozone machine creates Ozone and blows it into the vehicle.  The created Ozone attaches itself to the oxygen molecules inside the car and destroys the odor and removes it from your vehicle instead of just covering it up.

Depending on the severity of the odor in the car, this Ozone process may need to be repeated one or two times.

Synthetic substances such as oil, lubricants and the like are more difficult to remove with this process. However, the best thing to do is bring your vehicle in so we can evaluate what the best course of action is for your situation.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR, is a process where specialized tools are used to push the metal out from the inside to minimize or completely remove small dents and dings without the need of paint or body work to cover it up.

Call us to schedule an appointment with our professionals to get your vehicle looking new again.

What is a clay bar?

An auto detailing clay bar cleans paint better than just washing. A clay bar will remove embedded surface contamination that washing alone can’t remove. After using a clay bar your paint with feel smooth as glass and leave a high shine finish.

Keep in mind that a clay bar will not remove scratches or swirls in your paint. We recommend using a clay bar on your vehicle at least twice a year to help maintain that new car look.

What does Rain-X do?

Rain-X is simply a wax for windows. It adheres itself to the glass surface and protects the glass from rain and rocks and the elements that make the glass haze over in time.

It will need to be applied every month to be as effective as possible.

Can you remove swirls in paint?

Swirls in a paint job on your car are unbecoming to the overall look and finish of the car; and take away from the beauty of your car. In most cases the swirls are caused by an unclean buffing pad or improper use of products that cause millions of tiny scratches in the paint surface in a circular pattern.

The good news is that they can be removed. However, it will often take more than one treatment to remove the swirls, but in most cases they can almost always be removed and the paint surface restored to its like new finish.

How often do I need to wax or polish my car?

Depending where you live and the contaminants that your vehicle is exposed to will determine how often you should wax or polish your vehicle.

If you live in a warm climate, with no winters and keep your car garaged, you could probably get by waxing your car three times a year. For other climates you would want to wax your car four times a year to help maintain the paint.

Here’s an easy formula for remembering when to wax your car.

New Season = Time To Wax Your Car.

In Colorado, the best wax’s will only last approximately three months due to the harsh conditions that Colorado weather produces.

It is good practice to wax your car every three months to maintain your paint and keep your vehicle looking like new. If you wash your vehicle more than every other week, you may want to wax your vehicle more often.

Why do headlights get foggy?

Much like a paint job on a car, the new plastic headlight lenses that became popular in the mid-nineties came with a protective coating on them.

Our harsh environment here in Colorado will oxidize that protective coating and make it hazy.

Best Car Detailing uses the restoration process to remove the oxidized coating and bring the original clarity back to the lens.

My plastic headlights are cloudy, hazy and discolored, can you make them clear again?

Many headlights become cloudy, hazy and discolored after time because they are made from polycarbonated plastic which is porous and due to the environment and UV rays. However, we can bring them back to a like new condition for you with our headlight restoration service.

Our restoration process can take up to several hours to complete and there is no need to remove your headlights for this process. We use a wet-sanding process to restore your headlights for the best results.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our Headlight Restoration Process.

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